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151 [Famtree.ged]

Francesco 40 years old at time of Giuseppe's birth
died at about 40 years old. Was a painter. Had some kind of horse accident and died about 6 months later, somewhere in the 1920's. 
GULINO, Giuseppe (I1505)
152 [Famtree.ged]

From Sicily, Italy--Town of Maniero. Immigrated to America in 1890's 
CATALDO, Giuseppa (I1424)
153 [Famtree.ged]

Godparents:Joseph Pinto (uncle) & Cristina Scozzari (Aunt) 
PINTO, Gaetano (I34)
154 [Famtree.ged]

last residence Brooklyn, NY Kings Co 11204 
AIENA, Matthew (I339)
155 [Famtree.ged]

Lived in America at some point 
DI PISA, Giacomo Jr. (I206)
156 [Famtree.ged]

Lived in Key Largo, Florida 
AIENA, Mary (I246)
157 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. DI PISA, G.I. (I237)
158 [Famtree.ged]

May's real name was something like Giralama (spelling??) but she was called May
for short... 
GULINO, Girolama(Mae) (I1510)
159 [Famtree.ged]

Suffers from Down's Syndrome 
AIENA, Audrey Josephine (I54)
160 [Famtree.ged]

twin with Leonarda 
GULINO, Marianna (I1539)
161 [Famtree.ged]

twins!! with Marianna Gulino 
GULINO, Leonarda (I1538)
162 [Famtree.ged]

when Cristina was born in 1843, her age was listed as 28. 
DI SPEZIO, Antonina (I269)

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