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51 emigrated to America before 1930 AIENA, Cristina (I255)
52 Escaped to Argentina, Buenes Aires. According to Herbert Bass, he spoke Spanish, he visited the United States sometime in the 1960's or 70's, he was married and had children. BASIUKIEWICZ, Nochim (I2632)
53 Event Description: Age at Death: 57 PAHUCKI, John Richard (I1613)
54 Event Description: Age at Death: 70 PAHUCKI, Anthony (I2770)
55 Event Description: Age at Death: 74 GIZA, Julia (I1614)
56 Event Description: Age at Death: 83 GIZA, Hedwig Hattie (I1627)
57 Event Description: Age at Death: 96 PAHUCKI, June (I1635)
58 Event Description: Dobbs CAULEY, Bartholomew (I2256)
59 Event Description: Dobbs CAULEY, Thomas (I2257)
60 Event Description: Lenoir COLLEY, William (I2205)
61 Event Description: Lenoir CAULEY, John (I2248)
62 Event Description: Lenoir COLLEY, George (I2254)
63 Event Description: Lenoir CAULEY, Roderick "Roger" (I2255)
64 Event Description: Lenoir CAULEY, Adeline (I2258)
65 Event Description: Wilna, Russia SHEIMAN, Isidore J. (I2383)
66 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F106
67 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F846
68 Feb 18, 1937 applied for SS...resided at 75 E 2 Street, NY---
From Peter Huller:
One thing that still puzzles me is how my grandparents got together. The existing tale was that Grandpa came to America with his father around 1922, realized American women weren't for him, and sent for Maria La Rosa, a neighbor girl, to come marry him. She came within a year. My Aunt Connie was born Feb 1, 1924. In light of the fact that Pietro came over in 1913, I'm wondering at what point did the decision for Maria to come over occur?
How did that "long distance romance" take place? Of course I know that in those days, arranged marriages were common, but still, it's a question mark in my mind.

A cute side story goes that when Grandma's boat came in, Pietro hopped in a little rowboat and went out to "guide the ship in." When they met on the dock (or wherever), I guess Pietro was chewing gum and Maria asked him what the heck he was chewing for so long and not swallowing! LOL What's sweet about the story is that it's somewhat indicative of their relationship, at least from my perspective - he was always the devoted, loving husband and she was the same, albeit in charge of the family. Again, that's how I saw it. 
SCHIMMENTI, Pietro (I120)
69 From George Colley (
Catharine Colley (a.k.a. Catherine Cauley or Cally) was born about 1816. She is assumed to be a daughter of William Colley. I believed she is one of the females listed in the 1820 Census for Wilkinson County Georgia. The Wilkinson Co. Georgia Historical Collections list Catherine Cauley as sister of Ransom Payne's wife (Elsie Cauley). Ransom Payne wife is with little question William Colley's daughter Ailcy Colley (a.k.a. Elsie Cauley). Catherine Cauley is reported to have been unmarried with children and living with a man named Eli Worthing born 1851, relationship unknown. The names of the children are:

? David Cauley, b.1832; d. before 1864.
? Elias Cauley, b. 1836; d. 6/5/1904 (Tombstone says 1900).
? William Harvey Cauley, b. 1835, d. 9/11/1909 (74 years old).
? Jane F. Cauley, b. 1842; d. ?.

Catharine Colley is named in William Colley's Will without reference to relationship. She was left the small sum of $5.00 (less then the worth of one head of cattle). Catharine contested the Will of William Colley but after extensive litigation lost her case in the Georgia Calhoun Co. Superior Court. Catharine and her father must have been very strong willed people and this may have been the source of their conflict.

Catharine?s three sons were in the Civil War.

David Cauley was reported killed in Spotsylvania VA. Other sources say he was wounded there and died later at home. David had legal papers fixed in 1854 to become his mother?s guardian, stating that Catherine was a "lunatic".

Elias Cauley enlisted as private in Company H, 2nd Regiment, 1st Brigade, Georgia State Troops October 11, 1861. Mustered out 1862. Enlisted as a private in Company I, 57th Regiment Georgia Infantry May 3, 1862. Captured at Whitemarsh Island, Savannah, Georgia, on February 22, 1864. Released at Fort Delaware, Delaware June 16, 1865. Born in Wilkinson County Georgia in 1836. Died in Wilkinson County, Georgia on 6.5/1904. Gravesite: Griffin District (Joins Laerens Co.) of Wilkinson Co. GA, Walnut Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.

William Harvey Cauley ? 1st Corporal ? May 3,1882. Captured at Vicksburg Mississippi July 4, 1863. Exchanged September 1863. Surrendered at Greensboro, North Carolina April 26, 1865. Born in Wilkinson County, Georgia in 1835. Died there 9 November at the age of 74. Gravesite: Griffin District (Joins Laerens Co.) of Wilkinson Co. GA, Walnut Creek Baptist Church Cemetery." 
CAULEY, Catherine -Colley (I2204)
70 From Obituary: She was a retired registered nurse and medical director for motorcycle road racing organizations based in New Hampshire and New York; a charter member of the Woodbury Ambulance Assoc.; member of Assoc of Operating Room Nurses; American Motorcycalists Assc Member and a sister of Armadillo Ranch dedicated to the sport of Motorcycle road racing and pioneered woman's racing in the late 1970's. She wrote books, pamplets and articles about racetrack safety and treatment of accident trauma. Ms. Patzlaff pioneered and taught helmet removal techniques for use on injured racers and riders with possible spinal and neck injuries. HORNBECKER, Karen (I2559)
71 From Philadelphia Inquirer:
Joseph F. Pizzirusso, 79, of Springfield, Delaware County, a professor of engineering and inventor, died of cancer Saturday at Chester County Hospital.

In 1967, Professor Pizzirusso became an instructor at Pennsylvania Military College - now Widener University. He retired from Widener in 2004 as a full professor. While teaching, he was also a consultant to corporations including Foamex and Scott Paper Co., and held several patents.

In the 1990s, he helped develop an air-filtration system for the Defense Department to prevent sand from clogging the engines of Black Hawk helicopters deployed in deserts. Thirty years earlier, he designed a nuclear submarine heat-exchange unit for the Atomic Energy Commission.

"He was a 'super genius,' " his daughter Diane Hoover said, but chose teaching over a lucrative full-time engineering career. At Widener he tutored students who were having difficulties with course work; at his grandson's elementary school in Chadds Ford, he volunteered to supervise hands-on science projects; and at schools in Chester he spoke to students about expanding their goals.

Professor Pizzirusso grew up in New York. He earned a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. He and his wife, Rose Furnari Pizzirusso, spent their courtship in the New York Public Library while he researched his thesis. They married in 1952. From 1954 to 1963 he was an associate professor at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York. He had also taught at Pennsylvania State University and Delaware County Community College.

His daughter said he was fascinated with how things worked and enjoyed home repair and improvement projects as well as gardening and painting.

In addition to his wife and daughter, Professor Pizzirusso is survived by another daughter, Lynnore Compton; sons Joseph G. and Douglas; a brother; and five grandchildren.

A Funeral Mass will be said at 11 a.m. today at St. Dorothy Church, 4910 Township Line Rd., Drexel Hill. Friends may call from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. at Ruffenach Funeral Home, Township Line and Burmont Roads. Burial will be in SS. Peter and Paul Cemetery, Marple Township.

Contact staff writer Sally A. Downey at 215-854-2913 or 
PIZZIRUSSO, Joseph (I263)
72 From VIncent Sutera:
Uncle Charlie was in World War I. He was in the Princess Pat Light Infantry Regiment out of Canada. They saw considerable action and Uncle Charlie had a silver plate in his head from a war wound. He must have joined after 1915 and before 1917. The USA entered
the war in April of 1917. He was in his late 20's when he joined. Italy came into the War in May have 1915. Since he must have felt the ties to the home country he joined under the British Flag (Canada) You can find much information about the Regiment under Google. The had no Children and lead a very simple life. They made a living by doing sewing at home. 
SPARACIO, Salvatore (Charlie) (I197)
73 Hebrew name was Chaye Liuba or Lyuba.
ALIA: PLAC Yiddish 
NEMZOFF, Linka (Lillian Ida) (I2379)
74 Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for getting back to me! I honestly didn't even think the email address would still work after so many years! :)

This info is so exciting! My mom and I had pieced a lot of it together through her memories of her family in New York and Ellis Island records we found online - though those records don't seem to be too accurate. It's great to see it in tree form and see what we had right and wrong.

Not sure if you are interested in filling out more info on this branch of the family tree as I know it's a little distant from yours, but I do have some dates and names to fill in if you needed them.

Girolamo Cirrincione was born in 1888 in Misilmeri. He married twice after Cristina, but my mom can't remember their names and doesn't think they had any other children. He died in 1980 in Misilmeri - he had moved back there in his older years.

Cristina and Girolamo just had Natale (my grandfather) and Giacomo. They were twins born in 1924, though looked completely different - Giacomo had blonde hair/blue-eyes (like Girolamo), and Natale had brown-hair/brown-eyes (like Cristina).

Giacomo is still alive - he lives in Florida and calls my mom every once and awhile. Those three kids are correct for him, and his wife's name was Mary, though she died several years ago. They traveled to Misilmeri quite often as a family, and probably have much more knowledge of the family that had stayed in Italy - like Giustina. My mom had no knowledge of her.

Natale married my grandmother, Marcella Chieco (1925-2007), in 1945 and had two kids: Gerald (who you spoke with) in 1946 and a daughter, Chrys, in 1953. That's my mom. She married James Moore in 1984 and had me in 1985. In July of this year, I am getting married too. How funny that Gerald was the one you connected with. He hadn't been in touch with us for years, but then when he resurfaced he knew so much about the family. I should reach out to him to see what he knows about Marcella's side.

I actually found that 2000 forum thread while trying to find Concetina's (Giacomo Aiena's wife's) name. Everyone in the family had a nickname, so my mom only knew her nickname - Gudgettina (which we didn't even know how to spell). Concetina it is! My mom also remembers Josephina and Carmela.

As far as Girolamo and Cristina's marriage record - we've never been able to find it either. That's what started this whole search - we have their wedding photo and were wondering what year it was taken. I'm attaching it since that's the closest thing to a marriage record we'll probably get for them :)

Thanks again for all of this!! It's amazing how far you've traced it all back and it's been wonderful for my mom see all these old names again. Your website is such a great resource too. Hopefully when my mom and I do get to travel to see Misilmeri we can contribute some more research.

CIRRINCIONE, Girolamo (I138)
75 Immigrated to America aboard the Statendam, departing from Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands on June 22, 1907 and arriving in New York on July 2, 1907. Name listed as nearest living relative in "Olkenik, Wilna" was G. Urbasewski. Could this be the original and correct surname?? It does not specify the relation. Final destination is listed as Boston, Mass. She had only $5. and was going to a cousin, H. Nosal, at 16 Grover Street, Boston, Mass. She is listed as 4' 11 1/2" with fair complexion, brown hair and eyes. She was 18 years old.

According to her Passport, which was issued 4/29/1933, Sarah was in Germany on May 6, 1933. She had a visa to visit Poland from June 7 to June 26. She was in Rotterdam on June 25. She reentered the United States on December 17, 1933. Her passport was amended in the US Consulate in Warsaw, Poland and indicated her name was now Sarah D. Bashkowitz Radunski, as of December 6, 1933. Another document found says that she was married in December 1933 and that her husband died Sept. 26, 1941. According to Uncle Herb and Grandpa Irving, they do not remember ever seeing or hearing of a husband of their Aunt Sarah. Grandma Adeline does remember asking Lillian about this and was told that she had been married for a short time. 
BOSHKOVITZ, Sarah Deborah -Bashkowitz (I2631)
76 Immigrated to America on June 30, 1906. Traveled with her children Lillian, Samual, Rose and Alice. They were listed with their Hebrew names, Salman, Rosa, Elke and Limba (not spelled correctly). The ship departed Liverpool on June 23, 1906. Zelda had $18 with her, their tickets were paid for by her husband, and they were going to meet him, Mr. S. Nemzow is how he is listed, no address given. There is a line drawn through each of their names, which sometimes indicates that they were not admitted to the US on that trip, or they did not show up at the Port of Departure at all. However, they were not found anywhere else in the Ellis Island database so this may or may not be their final trip to the United States. LEAVITT OR LEBITSKY, Zelde (Jennie) (I2381)
77 In Matteo Aiena's marriage record for 1823 to Concetta Borgese, Giacomo Aiena is referred to as Giacomo D'Aiena. AIENA, Giacomo (I270)
78 It is possible that this is the link to the "countess". Acc. to Rose Pizzarusso,
she thought that Caterina Priola was the stepmother to Pietro Schimmenti and that the first (real) mother was the daughter of a wealthy family. (the countess???) The birth certificate for Pietro Schimmenti shows Caterina to be his real mother, so did Vincenzo marry a second time??? 
PRIOLA, Caterina (I277)
79 It is possible that Vincenzo Schimmenti married a second time. SCHIMMENTI, Vincenzo (I273)
Highland, N.Y.Joseph "Peppy" Rizzo, 81, a life long
resident of Highland, N.Y. died on Sunday,
June 23, 2002 peacefully at his home. He was born on August 25, 1920, the son of
the late Joseph and Maria Belvedere Rizzo.On September 7, 1952, at St. Colemans East
Kingston, he married Josephine D. Morello
who survives at home. He is also survived
by a son, Eugene J. Rizzo, his spouse Rena
Rizzo and two grandchildren, Kevin J., and
Steven M. Rizzo all residing in Highland.
Also surviving are two brothers, Leonard
Rizzo and his spouse Martha and Thomas
Rizzo and his spouse Eleanor, both residing
in Higland. His surviving sister Rosalie
Bragg and her husband Benjamin reside in
Highland. He is also survived by his
brother-in-law Attilio "John" Dallvechia
residing in Highland.He was predeceased by a brother Cosmo
"Gus" Rizzo, and three sisters, Mary Rizzo
Grasso, Josephine Rizzo LaSusa and Adelaide
"Anne" Rizzo Dallvechia.He graduated from Highland High School in
1938 and began employment as an auto
mechanic until entering the United States
Army in 1945. During World War II, he was
stationed in Japan.He was a life member of both the Lloyd
American Legion Post 193 and the Veteran of
Foreign Wars. He was also a life member of
the Highland Hose Company and the Lloyd
Senior Citizens Club.Prior to his retirement in 1982, he and
his brother Leonard owned and operated
Rizzo Ford in Highland for over thirty
years. After retiring, he enjoyed many a
summers at his vacation home in Newcomb,
New York. He was an avid sportsman,
enjoying both fishing and hunting. A
beloved member of his family, he also was a
respected member of the community.The family request that memorial donations
be made to Hospice, Inc., 34 Broadway,
Kingston, N.Y. 12401.Calling hours will be Tuesday, June 25,
2002 from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. at Michael
Torsone Memorial Funeral Home, Inc. 38 Main
St., Highland, N.Y. A Mass of Christian Burial will be
celebrated on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 at
9:30 a.m. at St. Augustines Church,
Highland, N.Y. to be followed by a full
Military Honor Service at Highland
RIZZO, Joseph (Peppy) (I1404)
81 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SCHIMMENTI, R. (I588)
82 Married at the rectory in presence of the bride's brother and sister and the rector's family. Family F923
83 Matteo had a third marriage in 1846 to Anna Sancrivito widow of Dimitrio Ippolito. There was a prior attempt at marriage for this pair. There are marriage banns, plus a marriage record dated July 31, 1843, but no church information is filled in, so it appears they never married, but then finally did in 1846.

Witnesses for wedding to Concetta Borgese: Maestro Giuseppe Passantino, Maestro Nunzio Zorbo?, Vincenzo Di Pisa 
AIENA, Matteo (I265)
84 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. RIZZO, J.N. (I189)
85 Name was changed from Unterberg to Untenberg upon arrival to US UNTENBERG, Hyman (I2353)
86 Obituary of Barbara De Nuzzo

A small woman with a big laugh that could

fill any room. Once you met her, you became

part of her BIG FAMILY......of 6 children, their spouses

and 10 grandchildren.

In true nature of Italians, Mama always made sure

everyone had food to eat. So she gave her time

at Saint Elizabeth's Food Pantry program, to make

sure not just her family, but everyone met that need.

We all learned how to live our lives by her example.

No matter what she did, she gave her all, which showed

by the size of her BIG HEART.

In lieu of flowers, please make donations to:

St. Elizabeth's Food Pantry

Checks Payable to St. Elizabeth's Church, memo: Food Pantry/Outreach

175 Wolf Hill Road

Melville, NY 11747

At the end of the end

It's the start of a journey to a much better place

And a much better place would have to be special

No reason to cry, no need to be sad

On the day that I die

I'd like jokes to be told and stories of old

I'd like bells to be rung and songs to be sung

At the end of the end 
SCOZZARI, Barbara (I72)
87 On Death Certificate, Brother-in-law's Giovanni Cerniglia, age 30, and Carlo Cerniglia, age 25, were the purchasers. CORRENTI, Francesca (I593)
88 On Francesco Cerniglia's marriage record, Cristina's last name is spelled manciapani.
Death record purchased by Giuseppe Schimmenti, age 60, villico and
? Raffa, age 28, villico. 
MANGIAPANE, Cristina (I437)
89 On their marriage record, dated 1886, was a list of 5 children that appear to be theirs. The writing is very difficult to decipher, perhaps they got married in the church but not in the civil way? According to marriage record, Giuseppe was a widower. Family F117
90 Orlando A. Wheeler was first cousin of Russell Marvin Wheeler (through the Wheeler family) who married Alice Wedge's first cousin Amy B. Dudley. They brought Cherokee heritage into this line of hte Hotchkiss family. WHEELER, Orlando A. (I2529)
91 Possible Immigration on May 29, 1900 aboard SS Patria-Listed as Francesco Cirrincione traveling with son Salvatore (Charlie?). Age 45, going to son (no name given) and first time in US. Son Salvatore has naturalization info noted: 2X130911-505-8-7-41. [Jennifer's Family History ALL LINES 4-23-02 .FTW]

Possible Immigration on May 29, 1900 aboard SS Patria-Listed as Francesco Cirrincione traveling with son Salvatore (Charlie?). Age 45, going to son (no name given) and first time in US. Son Salvatore has naturalization info noted: 2X130911-505-8-7-41. 
CIRRINCIONE, Francesca (I195)
92 Record of travel to US on SS Taormina April 26, 1910. I believe she originally came on SS Trojan Prince Sept 26, 1902. Last Residence Huntington, NY, Suffolk Co 11746 zip AIENA, Cristina (I201)
93 Remembered by Rosalia as an angel, a wonderful, warm woman. BAUDO, Marianna (I638)
94 resided at 1003 Willoughbie Ave, Brooklyn

Honorable Discharge from the Army on Oct. 19, 1944

Obituary published on 3 Jan 2012 in the Intelligencer Journal/New Era, Lancaster, PA newspaper.

"Albert Gulino died Jan. 1, 2012 in Lakewood, NJ. Formerly of Lititz, he was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1916 and was a World War II veteran. He was preceded in death by his wife of 60 years, Eleanor Aiena Gulino. He is survived by his children: Joe Gulino, Eileen Warner, Judith Pahucki, Gary Gulino, 5 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren, a devoted nephew and niece, Richard and Kim Aiena.

Visitation is Tues., Jan. 3, from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m., with the funeral Wed., Jan. 4, at 8 a.m., both at O'Brien Funeral Home, Brick, NJ. Burial 11:30 a.m. Wed. at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, Annville. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to St. Jude's Children's Hospital."

NOTE: DOB and Burial location is from volunteer J. Edward Ross (member #47159122). 
GULINO, Alberto G. (I1533)
95 Rosalie Maria Bragg
Rosalie Maria Bragg HIGHLAND - Rosalie Maria Bragg, 80, a lifetime resident of Highland, passed away on Saturday, August 7, 2004 at Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie. Mrs. Bragg was born on Jan. 9, 1924, to the late Joseph and Maria Belvedere Rizzo. A loving wife of 58 years, she was a loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. A communicant of St. Augustine's Church and an active member of her community, she belonged to the Mid-Hudson Senior Citizens and was co-founder of Bragg's Electrical Service, Inc. On Sept. 8, 1946, she married her high school sweetheart, Benjamin E. Bragg. Rosalie and Ben grew up in Centerville, N.Y. and she married him shortly after he returned from World War II. Mr. Bragg survives at home. In addition to her husband, she is survived by a daughter, Patricia Scott and her husband, Brad of Highland; three sons, Benjamin A. Bragg and his wife, Kathy, Dennis Bragg and his wife, Patricia, and Robert Bragg and his partner, Richard Matthews, all of Highland; six grandchildren, Benjamin F. Bragg and his wife, Heather, Michael Bragg, Brad Scott, Tara Scott, Kyle Bragg and Heather Bragg; two great-grandchildren, Ashley and Jordan Bragg; and two brothers, Leonard and Thomas Rizzo of Highland. In addition to her parents, she was predeceased by her granddaughter, Shawn Bragg, on Sept. 11, 1971; three sisters, Mary Grasso, Josephine LaSusa and Ann DallVechia; and two brothers, Gus and Joseph Rizzo. A family statement reads: "She was a loving person who cherished her family and friends. She was always supportive of all her grandchildren's and great-grandchildren's endeavors. She was their biggest fan." Donations may be made to the American Legion, Lloyd Post 193 or to Highland Hose Company No. 1. Calling hours are from 2-4 and 6-9 p.m. on Monday at the Michael Torsone Memorial Funeral Home, Inc., 38 Main St., Highland. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday at St. Augustine's Church in Highland. Burial will follow in Lloyd Cemetery. For directions, please visit our website at 
RIZZO, Rosalie Maria (I1405)
96 Served in the Polish or Austrian army UNTENBERG, Brother (I2372)
97 Served in the Polish or Austrian Army UNTENBERG, Brother (I2373)
98 SEX: SOUR @S-2085553564@
PAGE Certificate: ; Volume:
TEXT Name: Frank Hovinetz Birth: 1897 Death: 17 Mar 1968 in Long-Term Care Facilities
_APID 1,5763::3554465 
HOVINETZ, Frank (I1704)
99 Source Medium:

Source Source: S109 (S109)
100 Source Medium:

1993-2002 White Pages, Little Rock, AR, USA: Acxiom Corporation 
Source Source: S104 (S104)

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