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1 according to 1920 census: Lived at 194 Orchard Street, in Manhattan SCHIMMENTI, Vincenzo (I107)
2 According to 1920 soundex: born in Italy, possibly naturalized

Buried on June 24, 1930 in St. John's Roman Catholic Cemetary, 80-01 Metropolitan Ave, Middle Village, NY Section 21, Range K, plots 101 & 102

Rose apparently died in childbirth because she was buried with her name is given for the baby. 
SCHIMMENTI, Rosalia (I122)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SCHIMMENTI, C. (I121)
4 According to birth certificate. Father Vincenzo 30, mother 26..but VERY hard to read...

According to Rose Pizzarusso, possible that Vincenzo Schimmenti married a second
time. Possible that Caterina Priola came from a wealthy family and "married beneath" her. It is said that Pietro Schimmenti was raised by his stepmother. Also, he had fiery red hair. 
SCHIMMENTI, Pietro (I179)
5 According to Ed Pinto, Rose always celebrated her birthday on July 27th, not August 23rd. AIENA, Rosalia (I224)
6 According to granddaughter Lana Meissner, Teresa worked in Garment district of NY until well into her 70's. She was a seamstress and made the samples that were sent to the buyers of various stores. She also made all their clothes.
Before Rosalia's marriage, Teresa and Rosalia lived with Teresa's sister Angelina and Vito Sciacca on Convent Ave in NYC. Just before 1943, moved to Garden City South on Long Island and Teresa commuted into the city every day. She never learned to drive and didn't like riding in a car. Later, Teresa moved to Glen Cove on Long Island. 
PIPITONE, Teresa (I587)
7 According to Grandpa, died of pneumonia GULINO, Calogera "Lillian" (I1508)
8 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. DANIELE, J. (I279)
9 according to Misilmeri records, never married. AIENA, Matteo (I119)
10 According to Petition for Naturalization January 1933: Birthdate July 9, 1889. Said his wife left him 20 years earlier and he did not know her wheerabouts. Giovanni Di Pisa was a witness for him.

Acc to Rose Pizzarusso, he was called Uncle Smiley. He lived in Lower Manhatten,
and then in Florida. He was married twice in America, had a daughter Rosalia.

According to step-daughter Dolores Corelli-He was the best grandpa. He married Rachel Persiano 1949 . They met in Bronx, went to church together. Italian Christian Churches of North America. He became a Pentacostal Christian. He had been married previously and had children but didn't see them. Dolores thought it was because he had converted from Catholicism. He had epilepsy and was healed by the Lord. He worked in the latter part of his life at Crestwick, a greeting card company as a porter, where Dolores also worked. He was called Grandpa Joe.
Dolores Corelli, 3400 Western Center Blvd., Apt 1038, Ft Worth Tx 76137

Was married to first wife May 16, 1938 when naturalized.

Loved Rachel very much. Called her Raquela. Lived in Titusville, FL for one year when first came to Fl. Then went to Miami area.

Article in "Il Faro" magazine put out by the Italian Christian Church of NA about how he was cured.... 
SCHIMMENTI, Giuseppe (I111)
11 According to Rosalia Schimmenti Johnson (what she can remember) there were 7 children all together for Marianna and Angelo. Angelina, Rose, Sara, Philomena, Concetta and a sister who stayed behind in a convent in Palermo, a brother Pietro.

Lived at one time in a brownstone on Convent Ave, NYC.

Remembered by Rosalia as "very stern: one look at you and you would behave." 
PIPITONE, Angelo (I637)
12 According to Ship Manifest, going to brother Antonino.
[Jennifer's Family History ALL LINES 4-23-02 .FTW]

According to Ship Manifest, going to brother Antonino. 
SPARACIO, Giuseppe (I209)
13 According to Ship Manifest, Isabella was going to her sister Concetta-no address given. Had never been in US before, traveled without family but with others from Ventimiglia. SPARACIO, Isabella (I193)
14 According to ship manifest, traveled without family but with others from Ventimiglia. Was going to brother Giuseppe-no address given. [Jennifer's Family History ALL LINES 4-23-02 .FTW]

According to ship manifest, traveled without family but with others from Ventimiglia. Was going to brother Giuseppe-no address given. 
SPARACIO, Concetta (I199)
15 According to Ship Passenger list, was going to his sister, Sore Basukewitz, at 1200 39th Street, NYC. He was listed as 5' 7", fair complexion, black hair and brown eyes. He had $25 in his pocket. His occupation is listed, but is too messy to tell what it says. He was able to read and write, and had left his father, Yankel Basukewitz in his hometown of Olkenici. The ship left Hamburg May 8th, 1914.

According to Irving Bass, the true surname is unkown. William Bass' father was a friend of the mayor. To protect his children, he gave them the mayor's surname which may have been Bashukovitz, Bashukevitz or something similar. William Benjamin had his name legally shortened to Bass when Irving was in about 2nd grade or so. 
(BASHKOVITZ) BASS, William Benjamin (I2376)
16 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. UNTENBERG, M.B. (I2357)
17 Birth certificate name is Frances Aiena, but called Eleanor

Born at home in Brooklyn, NY
moved to Highland Dec 1949
to Miami July 1975
to Pennsylvania 1987

Eleanor F. Gulino, 82, of 1186 Suffolk Drive, Lititz, died Sunday at Lancaster General Hospital after a brief illness. A homemaker, she enjoyed ceramics, cooking Italian meals and drawing. This year she researched her genealogy and found relatives still living in Italy. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., she was the daughter of the late Joseph and Catherine Schimmenti Aiena. She was married to Albert J. "Captain" Gulino for 60 years.

February 15, 2000, Intelligencer Journal (Lancaster, PA) 
AIENA, Francesca "Eleanor" (I146)
18 Birth Certificate Number 46727, according to SASO, Margherita (I984)
19 Birth record not available via Polk County Health Dept. (Lakeland). They only have records from 1930 to present. Contacted Florida State Vital Records office-they do not have records for Polk County for that time period either.

Death record not listed in the Florida Combined Death Index, which is available on microfilm. Contacted Florida State Vital Records and they also said that no record is available for that time period. 
HILL, Roberta (I2301)
20 Born at 3 am. SCHIMMENTI, Pietro (I289)
21 Buried 12-24-1955 in St. John's Roman Catholic Cemetary, 80-01 Metropolitan Ave, Middle Village, NY TERRANOVA, Francesca (I337)
22 Buried at Coral Ridge Cemetary 941-283-0540 Cape Coral...Buried at
the age of 95
according to Joyce Di Lorenzo, came to america at age 14 alone, and followed by her 2 sisters, parents never came to US. Met Giuseppe Gulino and married in NY

Came to America aboard SS Patria April 4, 1900. 
BUCALO, Anna (I1506)
23 Buried in Section 9-B, Grave No. 1019 GULINO, Francesco (I1511)
24 Buried in St. John's Roman Catholic Cemetary, 80-01 Metropolitan Ave, Middle Village, NY
Section 53, Range R, grave #27, buried with her mother, Caterina Schimmenti Aiena
Buried on July 1, 1952 
AIENA, Angelina (I341)
25 Buried March 10, 1967 at 88 years of age, St. John's Roman Catholic Cemetary, 80
-01 Metropolitan Ave, Middle Village, NY in a grave with her daughter Angelina S
ection 53, Range R, Grave #27

"Trojan Prince" of 1897-1917. She was built by J. Redhead & Sons of South Shields in 1896 for the British "Prince Line"She was a 3273 gross ton vessel, length 351.4ft x beam 44.6ft, clipper stem, one funnel, three masts, single screw and a speed of 10 knots. Accommodation was provided for 40-1st class and 1,260-3rd class passengers. She was launched for the South American service on 14/5/1896 and sailed from London on her maiden voyage to Montevideo, Rosario, and Buenos Aires on 30/7/1896. She commenced her first North Atlantic run on 25/9/1897 when she sailed from New York to Naples, Genoa, Leghorn, Genoa, Naples and New York. On 25/5/1903 she started her last voyage from Genoa to Leghorn, Naples, Palermo, Gibralter (for repairs to a damaged propeller) and finally arrived at New York on 7/7/1903. On 23/2/1917 she was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine, 5 miles NW of Port Shershel. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor vol.3, p.1233] [Posted to the Emigration-Ships Mailing List by Ted Finch - 6 October 1997]

Betty took care of Catherine for the last couple of years of her life. She may have lived in a nursing home for a few months before her death. 
SCHIMMENTI, Caterina (I168)
26 Called Zia Fortunata (According to Vincent Sutera) Died while in her 90's. FRANCES (I987)
27 Calvary Cemetery is located at49-02 Laurel Hill Blvd, Woodside, Queens Borough, NY, 11377 718-786-8000. She is buried in Section 39, Range 15, Plot M, #5. This area is called Free Grounds. It is owned by the cemetery. It is an open field area of the cemetery where they buried people whose family did not have money to pay for individual plots. She is buried under the name Maria Arena. AIENA, Marianna (I108)
28 Came to US 5-17-1902 aboard Gallia. Stayed with cousin Jack Cirrincione, 146 Elizabeth Street, NYC.

Giuseppe returned January 28, 1910 aboard the Roma, going to brother Natale Aiena at 251 Elizabeth Street.

When they returned in 1910, Caterina was pregnant with Peter and he was born in US. Aiena's owned olive groves in Italy and Giuseppe was a policeman there. In the US Giuseppe was a bricklayer or mason.

Buried May 14, 1948 in St. John Roman Catholic Cemetary , 80-01 Metropolitan Ave. Middle Village, NY. Fell down the stairs of house on 70th street and hit his head on radiator at bottom. Jack & family lived on 1st floor. Acc. to Grandma, celebrated birthday 5-19, but acc. to Misilmeri records born 3-26. 
AIENA, Giuseppe (I1)
29 Came to America October 31, 1919 aboard the Argentina at age 26, single. went to Uncle Giuseppe Aiena at 259 Elizabeth Street.

Last residence, Bronx NY

Buried in St. Raymond's Cemetery, Bronx, NY. Grave 20, Sect. 15, Range16. Also in grave is Josephine Aiena, Buried June 1, 1935, age 31. No further info available from cemetery.
Concetta Aiena listed as contact at Funeral Home. His Aunt, or a child? 
AIENA, Giacomo (I254)
30 Came to America on Napolitan Prince, April 15, 1903, to Port of NY. According to passenger list, 37 years old, married, laborer, had $10, paid for the ticket himself, and was going to see his brother Giuseppe Aiena on Elizabeth street. Had someone named Antonina Aiena with him, age 24, single. Not sure who this is, also said she was going to see "her brother, Giuseppe Aiena" but as far as I knew he didn't have sister by this name.

Returned in 1914 aboard the San Giovanni...Was going to his son, Giacomo Aiena at 259 Elizabeth Street. According to the maniifest, he had also traveled to NY in 1908 and 1912. 
AIENA, Natale (I214)
31 Came to America through Ellis Island at about age 16 KRAMER, Chane Reize "Rose" (I2354)
32 came to US aboard the Napolitan Prince April 15, 1903 at age of 24 to see brother Giuseppe Aiena. Traveled with brother Natale Aiena. AIENA, Antonina (I459)
33 Came to US Age 6 on SS Trojan Prince, Sept 26, 1902. traveled to Italy and returned at age 14 on SS Taormina April 26, 1910. Both Rose and Frances are deceased. Last residence Brooklyn, Ny 11204 Kings Co. Knights of Columbus membe rBuried July 29, 1974 in St. John's Roman Catholic Cemetary, 80-01 Metropolitan Ave, Middle Village, NY at the age of 78 AIENA, Giacomo (I335)
34 Came to US on June 13, 1913 aboard the ship Mendoza with Pietro, Rosalia, Celestina. Going to Vincenzo Schimmenti at 295 Elizabeth Street, NY, NY. AIENA, Concetta (I116)
35 Death not listed in Florida Combined Death Index. Even though she died in Georgia, it was checked anyway. GARDNER, Eller Margret "Ella" (I2297)
36 Death record not on the Florida Combined Death index microfiche. Contacted Florida State Vital Stats and they do not have it either. HILL, George Earl (I2298)
37 Death record purchased by Antonino Carlino, age 51, villico and Vincenzo Raffa, 53, villico. DI FEDE, Domenico (I581)
38 Death record purchased by Antonino Lipari, 43, villico and Francesco Gioeli, 40, villico.
[Lisa Fawcett.FTW]

[Jennifer's Family History-Aiena-Schimmenti.FTW]

Death record purchased by Antonino Lipari, 43, villico and Francesco Gioeli, 40, villico. 
FERRARO, Leonarda (I449)
39 Death record purchased by Filippo Corso, age 38, villico, and
Francesco Carlino, age 27, villico 
AIENA, Fara (I692)
40 Death record purchased by Francesco Corso, 30, villico and Santo Bonanno, age 46, TOMASINO, Salvatore (I460)
41 Death record purchased by Francesco Raffa, age 22, villico and Gaspare Pirrello, 58, villico. CERNIGLIA, Agata (I618)
42 Death record purchased by Gaetano Bodami, age 36, villico and
Filippo Bonanno, age 33, villico 
CERNIGLIA, Cristina (I693)
43 Death record purchased by Giuseppe Schimmenti, age 70, villico and Pietro di Martino, age 32, villico. BORGESE, Anna (I675)
44 Death record purchased by Giusto Gioeli?, age 70, villico and Salvadore Gioeli, 36, BRUNO, Giroloma (I433)
45 Death record purchased by Marianno Schimmenti, age 40, villico and
Pietro Giammona, age 38, villico 
CERNIGLIA, Antonino (I691)
46 Death record purchased by Natale Cerniglia, age 36, villico and Giuseppe La Blasca, 40, villico. BOCCHIARO, Giusta Lo (I443)
47 Death record purchased by Pietro Sancivitro, age 58, villico and Francesco Di Spezio, age 60, villico. CORRENTI, Filippa (I272)
48 Death record purchased by Vincenzo Di Pisa, age 33, Boticano? and Carlo Cerniglia, age 28, villico. CERNIGLIA, Cristina (I677)
49 Dolores was the stepdaughter of Giuseppe Schimmenti. I contacted her after I found the obituary for Giuseppe listing her as a survivor. She was very happy to speak to me and even sent me copies of his Naturalization record, his marriage record to her mom, and other records of his that she had found. CURCIO, Dolores Anna (I629)
50 Domenica was born a preemie in Palermo. Her parents had gone there and Rosalia went into labor. She was named after the person who baptized her. Baptized in the Cathedral or in the matrice.

Came to America first with Caterina in 1902 aboard the Trojan Prince at age 20, using the name Cosima!! Then came again in 1920 at age 37 with Joseph and Pietro (must have been visiting) aboard the Presidente Wilson, also traveling under the name Cosima.

According to Rose Pizzarusso, Domenica's real name was Cosima-Damiana, who were the twin saints? 
SCHIMMENTI, Cosima Damiana (I109)

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